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Super3 60 St.

Super3 60 St.

The power of three powerful medicinal plants brought together in a single capsule.
Rosemary, Sage and Lavender.
Rosemary is calming, relieves headaches, strengthens the heart, circulatory and nervous. The German Commission E  recommend the use of Rosemary for digestive disorders and in rheumatism and an impaired blood circulation.
Sage is antiperspirant, helps with indigestion and sore throat. The antiperspirant effect of the Sage begins after at least 2 hours. It can last for several days. After 6 weeks on an approximately 2-week break should occur because the body is otherwise accustomed to the effect.
Lavender is for people who suffer from high blood pressure due to stress, just wonderful. We use the traditional Lavender inside with headaches and migraines, even against cramps and asthma is given to using it.

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Super3  60 St.