Detoxication Patches

Detox patches 16 St

Our detox patches are a natural product and consist only of plant extracts and natural products. Detox patches work during the night and cause a natural cleansing of the body without any effort and without chemical additives or drugs.

By using the detox patches our excretory functions are stimulated.  In almost all Asian countries, the skin, especially under the feet, is used for thousands of years to make people healthy.


Detox patches can be stuck on one part of the body, even on sore or bruised areas. Keep in mind, however, never to put detox patches on open wounds, irritated skin (allergy), dark spots (macula), orifices and mucous membranes. At night, about 8 to 12 hours under the soles attached detox patches have a similar effect to a foot massage blood circulation. The metabolic residues leave the skin through pores and the residues are usually visible by a considerable darkening of the detoxification patches.

Ideal would be 15-60 nights to apply detox patches. If you want to savie costs this can be achieved by applying the  detox patches twice a week. This method eliminates the need for a new treatment is unnecessary.


Bamboo Tree
Vinegar Wood
Vinegar from other tree species
Dried and crushed bamboo tree resin
Red Ginseng
Rock crystal
Organic germanium
Milk Thistle
Orange oil
Vitamin C
Natural Vitamin E
And many other trace elements