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Co-enzym Q10 30 mg 60 Caps.

Co-enzym Q10 30 mg 60 Caps.

The coenzyme Q10 occurs in all cells of the body. Particularly the Mitochondrion, the energy center of the body, contain a lot of co-enzyme Q10. Also the tallest producers of coenzyme Q10 are the  with the greatest number of Mitochondrion per cell. The heart and the liver belong to that. In the human body we find the co-enzyme Q10 in a natural form, shortened CoQ10. The body produces this enzyme by itself. He needs the enzyme selenium for it, in case of a lack of it the production of CoQ10 would not be sufficient. CoQ10 plays an extremely important role nourish the tissues. CoQ10 serves as a carrier of electrons in the mitochondrion. Without sufficient CoQ10 the Mitochondrion can not function well. So the production of high-energy molecules can not be sufficient. Since the heart is a muscle which is  in constant motion, it is not surprising that most CoQ10 is needed here since the heart muscle uses energy constantly for itself.
A lack of CoQ10 is found with many heart patients, while with people without heart complaints no lack is occurring.
Research has revealed that supplemental CoQ10 improved the resistance to infections of the micro organism. In addition the resistance to cancer-causing substances improved by  CoQ10.
CoQ10 has also shown that it counteracts viral infections which were caused by chemicals and radiation. Good results are achieved with CoQ10 with the  of blistering on the mouth mucous membrane. Inflammations and illnesses in the mouth and teeth are many cases due to a lack of CoQ10 in the Mitochondrion. The supplementation of CoQ10 reduces the harmful side effects and poisoning of the organism for example during radiation. Chemotherapy and radiation are producing free radicals and a serious lowering of CoQ10 in the tissue. The supplementation of CoQ10 before and during a chemotherapy or radiation improves the protection.
With the age the amount of CoQ10 present in the body declines. A lack of CoQ10 can accelerate the aging process. But a sufficient one can work towards the aging process.

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Co-enzym Q10 30 mg  60 Caps.