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Glucosaminen Chondroitine 60 Tabl.

Glucosaminen Chondroitine 60 Tabl.

It is meanwhile known that the body loses with increased age the ability to produce Glucosamine and Chondroitin sufficiently. If this food for the joints is missing, particularly the -supporting joints like knees, the hips, the wrists and the shoulders become often affected by arthritis. The consequences are the destruction of the cartilage, the hardening and deposits of bigger bone spurs on the joints. Pain, deformations and a restricted movement are the results.
Glucosamine: The main components of the joint cartilage are Glycosaminoglykane (Amino sugar complexes) and Glucosamine is one of their. Glucosamine is made from glucose and the amino acid glutamine and the more of each is available to the body, the more Glykosaminoglykane (cartilage) is produced. Glucosamine is also involved to keep the joints cartilages elastic and resistant.  
Unfortunately Glucosamine can hardly be incorporated in sufficient amounts with the food, because there are no foods which contain it in sufficient amount except in shellfish. Therefore we have to give it to our body additionally.
Chondroitin: Chondroitin consist of molecular chains (Mukopolysaccharide) which repeat by themselves and is an important cartilage component too. It gives the joint cartilage the structure and is responsible the permeability of nutrients. This is of special importance, because the cartilages do not contain any blood vessels and their  happens only on diffusion basis. As many studies show Chondroitin plays a role at the reconstruction of the joint function,  arthritis and also with the healing of bone fractures.
The body must also be provided with Chondroitin since the only sources which contain Chondroitin sufficiently are animal cartilages.

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Glucosaminen Chondroitine  60 Tabl.