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L-Lysine 60 Caps.

L-Lysine 60 Caps.

Natürliche Aminosäere gegen Entzündungen

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for the body.
Amino acids are building  the raw material from which all body tissue, trillions of body cells and all muscle cells are synthesised endogenously.
Thousands of enzymes, not only for the digestion, but also as a catalyst (Accelerator) of almost all metabolism processes are build from amino acids. Amino acids are necessary for the blood circulation and they are used as co-substrates to generate energy.
With a diet low in  carbohydrate and fat  amino acids are often main sources of energy and a protection against process of degradation.
Lysine is a nutrient for the production of a firm connective tissue and necessary to build a strong immune system and numerous basic body functions.
It is needed for a proper growth and bone development in children. Lysine can not be factured by the body. It is therefore important that adequate amounts be included in the diet either trough food or food supplements. With a lack onto lysine all function of the body connected to lysine can be disturbed. That affects for example the growth, the nitrogen balance and the defence mechanism. Vegetarians are especially sensitive to a lysine deficit, because this amino acid hardly ever occurs in vegetable proteins. A deficiency in Lysine can result in an inability to concentrate, bloodshot eyes, weakness, fatigue, dizziness or sickness.
Lysine helps in tissue repair, is important for the development of special protein molecules which are necessary  for the production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.
With support of lysine Atherosclerosis the enlargement of the deposits in the artery walls of the heart and the brain can be stopped. Lysine combats also certain kinds of viruses like herpes. It is best taken together with a sugar-free diet, the Vitamins A and C as well as Bioflavonoid. Also with flu, Aids or bacterial infections  for example pulmonary middle ear and cystitis lysine can neutralise the aggressive mechanisms of the body. It will slow-down or even better stop of the disease. The supplementation with lysine can be beneficial with any kind of inflammations in the body, for example inflammations of the stomach, intestine or of the joints.

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L-Lysine  60 Caps.