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Liver Cleanse 'De Luxe' PLUS 1 x

Liver Cleanse 'De Luxe' PLUS 1 x

The Liver Cleanse 'De Luxe'  PLUS program includes:

80 Capsules of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt ± 80 gr)
60 Capsules Artichoke à 500mg
60 Capsules Milk Thistle
60 Capsules chelidonium majus


Among the ingredients of artichoke include flavonoids and quinic acid derivatives. In small quantities in vegetables also contain the bitter substance cynarin (stimulating the metabolism of liver and bile) in the artichoke.

The total of the ingredients of artichoke make this herb a cholesterol-lowering, blood cleansing and fat digestive vegetable. Even with digestive problems, mainly due to bile drainage problems, the artichoke is recommended.

Science has now proven by studies that the extracts obtained from the leaves of the artichoke, can protect from damage by cancer-causing substances (free radicals). This mainly affects the cells of the liver.
These capsules Artichoke contain a high proportion of natural cyanides, which have a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder, and thus on the digestion of fat.

With metabolic disorders, indigestion, kidney and liver disease or supporting a diet artichoke extracts are recommended. Even with bloating and flatulence take artichoke.

In antiquity, the artichoke was also considered an aphrodisiac.

The Milk thistle is the ideal hepatoprotective plant and is in support of a gallbladder and liver cleansing really indispensable.

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Liver Cleanse 'De Luxe' PLUS  1 x