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Masterwort 25 gram

Masterwort 25 gram

Masterwort(Peucedanum ostruthium) was in the Middle Ages regarded as a panacea, as one can deduce easily from it's name.

Masterwort was highly respected in the Middle Ages and was used not only for medical purposes, but also as a magical root.

In the course of time became the Masterwort into oblivion, perhaps because they could be confused with other Umbelliferae so easily. Only when Hildegard von Bingen and her herbal medicine was rediscovered there was renewed interest in the Masterwort that was highly estimated by Hildegard von Bingen. Masterwortis used in folk medicine for asthma, flatulence, bronchitis, colds, fever, stomach cramps, gout, cough, stomach problems, rheumatism, cripple tongue, for soothing qualities, expectorant and as a diuretic.

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Masterwort  25 gram