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Vitamine B complex 100 mg 60 Caps.

Vitamine B complex 100 mg 60 Caps.

The vitamin B complex is a mixture of all water-soluble B vitamins. The sources are foods of vegetable origin or come from micro-organisms (Yeast and bacteria). A bacteria in yogurt for example is one of the reasons that the Vitamin B is produced in the intestine. This is normally not sufficient to prevent a deficiency unless, you eat and live completely healthy (that means: no medication, no pill, no sugar, to eat macrobiotically and a live without stress).
Yeast, liver, nuts, full grain products, green vegetable and indirectly yogurt are the best source for B-vitamins.
B-complex vitamin has many functions and is very important for the nervous system, the digestion, skin, hairs, eyes and heart. People with stress, neuroses, ,Ticks' and different insanities react positive onto a high intake of the Vitamin B complex, especially when taken with vitamin C and the mineral magnesium.
Circumstances which cause an increased  for the B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium are  among other things a busy  life, tension (stress), great physical efforts, smoking, alcohol, not sufficient rest (sleep) and not sufficient or one-sided food intake (like diets). Because the body can’t store respectively only a little, these vitamins must be complemented daily. Especially  clinical symptoms of a lack of Vitamin B, the Vitamin B complex should be taken (as an antistress cure) for several months.

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Vitamine B complex 100 mg  60 Caps.