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wild Garlic 60 Caps.

wild Garlic 60 Caps.

Additionally to his flavouring effect in foods garlic is also an important remedy. Substances from the bulbs are used to lower the blood pressure or for the relief of bronchial disorders.
Today Garlic Time counts as one of the most valuable food supplements of natural origin.
Since thousands of years this representative of the lily plants, precise Allium sativum is used as food and  remedy. Already in 1550 B. C. Garlic is mentioned in the literature as a remedy.
A specific chemical compound in the garlic inhibits the blood clotting and reduces the risk of blood clots (thrombosis). Atherosclerosis can be prevented.
They react with widening or contractions to external influences like stress, alcohol, nicotine. Due to this damages can occur at the inner surface of the arteries. The body bonds the tiny breaches in the artery walls. Small scars are left at which salts and fat molecules (Cholesterol) can build up plaque. This leads to a narrowing of the blood vessels. The Result: A problem with the blood flow! This process can last for decades without physical complaints. Factors of risk like a diet rich in animal fats (Cholesterol), no exercises, obesity, alcohol and nicotine can accelerate this process. Cholesterol, an important component of our body, can be changed by free radicals so that it can stick to the damaged artery walls.
With the intake of an effective amount of garlic it is possible to reduce the amount of free radicals. A further essential factor in our blood is the Protein Fibrinogen. He shuts the wounds through blood coagulation. Arteriosclerosis and smoking can increase the level of Fibrinogen. It changed the viscosity of the blood, thickens the blood so that it can’t reach the small vessels. The body is able to reduce the increased part of Fibrinogen if garlic is offered to the body in sufficient amount. Trough that every cell can be better supplied with vital oxygen, nutrients and vitamins even with restrictedly permeable arteries.

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wild Garlic  60 Caps.